Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tea Party with Mimi

We went to Durant, OK to visit Matt's parents last weekend. A visit to "Mimi" & Papa's" is always relaxing. I always look forward to going down for some quiet time.

While we were there our neice, Maykalya had her birthday. One of her gifts was a tea set. She had to have a tea party as soon as got it. Uncle Matt and Mimi were her first guest.

Here's a cute pic of me and Maykalya.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome Lollipop Kids

Hair Candy is excited to welcome it's newest boutique, Lollipop Kids!

Lollipop Kids is a new boutique opening in Tahlequeh, Oklahoma. Stop in and say hello. Let them now you found them on the Hair Candy Blog!

Lollipop Kids

518 S Muskogee Avenue

Tahlequah, OK 74464


Here's a few of the items you'll find at Lollipop Kids:

Basic Grosgrain Bows


Knit Headbands

after the storm

It's been extra rainy around here for awhile. A few nights ago we woke up to this...

This pool has been a hassle. We've filled 2 times only to realize that the ground wasn't as level as we thought. We figured the 3 time would be charm. It was full of water and ready to swim in...only it won't stop raining! The day after the big storm we wake up to find that all the water had poured out of the pool. How? Your guess is as good as mine! My husband is pretty frustrated by the whole thing...I sure don't blame him. This has been more work that we bargined for! Hopefully we will try again soon and be ready for the hot summer days that are fast approaching:)

Monday, June 9, 2008

just to clarify...

I'm not quitting the bow business! I've had a ton of people email and ask if I was quitting since I put some ribbon up for sale! I'm actually doing quit the opposite! I have 100 yard bolts of all the ribbon that I carry. I'm just getting rid of the little rolls so I can organize better. My bow room is busting at the seems with ribbon and bow goodies!

Thanks to all my faithful customers, I have had the biggest spring ever and already headed into a hectic summer. My retail locations are EXPLODING! I've got bows all over the US now and just recently started suppling bows to my first international company.

My customers are the best! Thanks for making Hair Candy a success!

lemon pie anyone?

Find it here.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ribbon Sale 350+ yards

I'm finally doing something with this ribbon! Since I have 100 yard bolts of everything, I can get rid of these smaller ones.

Over 150 yards of solid Offray grosgrain ribbon starting at .99! Find it here

Over 200 yards of printed ribbon starting at .99! Find it here