ABC's of Hair Bows


Introductions to our Products

If you're a first time mom to a sweet baby girl, welcome to the hair bow world! 
To help you from feeling overwhelmed with all the choices, here are the basics you need to know when ordering hair bows and headbands.

Hair Bow Sizes

The sizes for the basic bows are as follows:
 Tiny-1.5", made with 5/8" ribbon
 Small-2.5", made with 5/8" ribbon
 Medium- 3.5", made with 7/8" 
 Toddler- 4", made with 1.5"
 Large- 5", made with 1.5" ribbon

The sizes for our over the tops bows are as follows:
Small- 2.5"-3.5"
Toddler- 3.5"-4.5"
Large- 4.5"-5.5"
We carry many other products as well including our hair bow holder, pony-o's and korkers.

The ABC's of Headbands
If you prefer the look of a headband, then you're in luck!  Any of Hair Candy Bows products can easily be turned into bowbands.  First, choose your headband, then simply slide the prong of the bow into the headband.
The first band is our crochet headband.  It is 1.5" wide and very comfortable on their heads. Fits 0-5yrs.
The second is a knit/nylon headband.  This has the feel of little girl's tights. It has a ribbon loop for attaching the bows.  It fits 0-3yrs.
The cotton/lycra headband also has a ribbon loop for attaching bows. It fits 0-3 yrs.
The woven headband is perfect for toddler through adult.  You can easily slide the prong of the clip into this headband as well. 

What clip should I choose?
If your little one has fine, thin hair then the pinch clip is your best option.  You may also request a gripper to be placed inside the clip to help the bow stay in place.
For the bigger heavier bows we suggest the French clip
The bows can also be attached to a pony-o.  The pony-o is an elastic band that is metal free and safe for the hair.

Custom Bows
After you've found just the right outfit for your little one, you need just the right bow!  Send us a picture of the outfit or use our online color charts to choose the ribbon you need to match your outfits.   
We've even had people send us pictures of cakes and yes...we matched it!
If you have any more questions concerning Hair Candy Bows products, don't hesitate to email and we'll be happy to help.  You can always find us online at the following places: 
Have fun shopping for the perfect hair accessories for your little one!