Sunday, January 20, 2008

56, 57, 58 what comes next?

If I have to count one more thing.....

I'm in the middle of counting 100's and 100's yards of ribbon and all the other little hair bow things I have around here! It's inventory time and it's no fun! On top of all this crazy counting, I have to go back to Jan '07 and put all my financial records into Quicken...not looking forward to that either.

Speaking of Quicken...don't be fooled by the "now works with PayPal" doesn't! It might in the future, but that's one of the glitches they have to fix~ the only reason I went with Quicken was because I could integrate PayPal. URRRR totally frustrated!!!!

OK, I feel better now. Enough venting, back to counting.

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