Friday, March 28, 2008

So I've been tagged...

Thanks to pickles and co. for tagging me! Here goes my random nonsense..

  1. I own a successful hair bow business and don't have a little girl...or any children for that matter! I started making bows because the boutique I was working in needed them.

  2. I HATE wet paper. You know, like when you go to a restaurant and they hand you a straw with paper on it and it's wet...that's so nasty to me. And then wet paper towels...totally gross! Matt chased me around the house just last week trying to stick wet paper on me YUCK!!!

  3. It's nearly impossible to keep junk out of the back of our SUV. Right now there so much stuff I can't see the seats.

  4. My ideal vacation spot is anywhere in South Carolina. When I was in Bible College, the nicest people I meet where from there. Weird reason I know...

  5. I can't spell to save y life! Thank goodness for spell check. My math is just as bad too!

  6. I love candles, but never want to light them. I always convince myself that I need to "save" them for some special occasion.

  7. I've watched Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory every year since 2nd grade.

There's my random nonsense! Hummm, who should I about

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