Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's been awhile

since I've updated this blog. It has been a busy couple of weeks around here.

Hair Candy Update
The Parker School Uniform headband orders are going well. We will be finished the first of May. YAY!!!! I've had 2 of my workers quite in the middle of the order and that has been challenging. I've got a new lady that is starting this week, thank goodness!

Welcome Miss Gracie!

We've got new boutique's added to the Hair Candy Family too. Our newest addition is Miss Gracie- our first international store. You can find all of Miss Gracie's items available online.

Here's a couple of Miss Gracie favorite Hair Candy items...

Life Update

We've been doing some bathroom remodeling. We started on the guest bathroom and that seemed like some much fun we had to do the other (ha ha!) My husband and his helper, my sister :) ripped up the flooring and put new tile in. Retextured and painted the walls and installed a new toilet and light fixture. My finishing touch was the shower curtain and matching towels that I've been eyeing for a couple of month. There's still some finishing touches to do. I'll get some pictures for you soon!

Things at church (Life Demonstration Church) are busy. We are adding a new Sunday morning service starting April 20th. Right now, or main service is on a Friday night- yes, Friday night! I ABSOLUTELY love it too! We can sleep in on Sunday's...that is all about to change! I know it will be awesome though- so I'm looking forward to it. I still think that our Friday night service will still be my favorite!

So there's my badly needed update on my blog!

FYI- I'll be having a sale on the basic bows starting next week. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get sale code!

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