Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our home 2009

So we've been living in our first home for 4 years now. I love the unique layout the house. Lots of nooks &cubbies and really high ceilings. As wonderful as that is, it's always been a decorating challenge for me. Now, after four years I'm proud to say that my house is finally decorated...and I really like it!

Being a young married couple, extra money for great furniture and wall decor never really fit into the budget. Just today I was looking around my house and was overwhelmed with gratitude. Most everything in our home was given to us at no charge or little to nothing. Our living room set was like new, exactly what I've always wanted...a gorgeous dining room table, a complete bedroom suite, an armoire, & bedding sets all giving to us. We have been blessed in this home.

My decorating dilemmas have been resolved as well. I’ve caught some great sales at my favorite home stores. Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve found.

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