Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Too much ribbon is a good thing

Getting started in the bow business can be expensive if you try to buy all your ribbon up front.  I started with just a few 100 yr bolts of ribbons and slowly added to my collection.  I was a year or so into my ribbon building when I met a lady that had made bows for years. 

She was giving away almost 100 bolts of ribbon.  To a hair bow maker that's like winning the jackpot!  I can home from her house with boxes and tubs full of ribbons.  Solids, stripes, polka dots, holiday prints even some hardware and centers for bows.  I was so blessed.  Organizing all that ribbon was a chore.  I'll post about that some other time:)

Here's my first (sad) attempt at organizing ribbon.

In my business, if I can't offer a full size run in a color, I don't offer it.  That means I need 4 different sizes of the same color ribbon.  A lot of the ribbons that I got from my fellow bow maker had been discontinued and I couldn't get the other sizes I needed.  I was left with bolts of ribbon that I couldn't offer to my wholesale clients. 

After 5 years I decided I needed to do something with them!  That's where the "Discontinued Color" category on my website came into play.  I have a few solid colors loaded on there right now with more to come. 

I marked them down so I can get rid of them quickly.  Go shopping in that section and think Christmas and birthday presents!  Any mommy would love to have these bows for here little girl.

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